Audition Notice – The Nerd

Nerd Image

By Larry Shue
Directed by Hannah Paton

Critics call The Nerd one of the funniest plays ever written! How do you tell a man that saved your life he is driving you crazy… that you want him to leave… that you might possibly kill him if he stays a moment longer? Willum’s hero turns out to be a tactless, socially inept nerd that wears out his welcome. Rick’s actions and the plot to get rid of him will have you in stitches!

When – 6:30 PM 12/29 (Mo) & 12/30 (Tu)
Where – The Modern Coeur d’Alene
1320 East Garden Ave
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

Be prepared for cold reading from from the script. Callbacks TBD.



Willum Cubbert
Ages 26 – 35

Axel Hammond
Ages 30 – 40

Rick Steadman(The Nerd)
Ages 30 – 45

Warnock Waldgrave
Ages 35 – 60

Thor Waldgrave
Ages 7 – 11


Tansy McGinnis
Ages 25 – 35

Clelia Waldgrave
Ages 30 – 50

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For tickets and more info about the show, click HERE!

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