Robby French, on Jamie Wellerstein

L5Y - character portraits - modern - Spokne - danscape (82 of 101)I find the biggest challenge for me is to keep Jamie charismatic and caring enough, so by the end, when the plot lines are reversed, you feel at least some sympathy for him.

Too often, I feel this character can be presented as a total egotist, and it’s fun to play his more delicate vulnerabilities. It’s a marathon of a show, so by the end, my body is really reacting honestly to the 90 minute production.

This presentation of The Last Five Years is very real and honest in the way it is presented, so I hope people walk away from it feeling that they share at least one thing with each of these characters; that they are truly moved. It’s one of the best pieces of Theatre I have ever had the privilege of performing, and I am excited to bring it to Coeur d’Alene audiences.

For tickets and information to The Last Five Years and all or any of our show, visit HERE!

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