Molly Tage on Steph – Reasons to be Pretty

Modern Magazine - Molly 2

“I am realistic and I know me as a person. I don’t have that much going for me, not really. Not all educated and smart or anything, and not gorgeous, like some girls. But I’m fine with what I’ve got and I’m gonna protect that. I am. Yeah.” – Steph

Steph is a spitfire of a woman, stubborn by nature, and who, just like the rest of us, has an underlying desire to feel beautiful. Her heart has taken a shot and she quickly decides that she will protect what she has, which she quickly learns turns her tables in a flash.

In my past, you better believe I have had my fair share of heartache, which I have used to help me develop the heart of who Steph really is. What a challenging and rewarding journey this has been! – Molly

Neil Labute’s Reasons to be Pretty opens runs through Feb 15.  Tickets and more info available HERE!

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