Nich Witham on Kent – Reasons to be Pretty

Modern Magazine - Nich 2 - danscape

“Can’t believe sometimes that this is the life that God’s staked out for me in his infinite plan – then I think, who’m I kidding?! He hasn’t got any “plan”! I’ve got a job in some warehouse and a limited number of skills, and a Chevrolet that I’d like to take a blow torch to . . . that’s my life in the foreseeable future.”

This is the only moment we get to see a realness from Kent. The source of all his actions and ego are centered in these insecurities and was my way of stepping into him. We’re humans, we’re all vulnerable . . . and some so much that we hide (behind looks for Kent) and fight, then we think we’re being brave and strong. – Nich Witham

Neil Labute’s Reasons to be Pretty opens runs through Feb 15.  Tickets and more info available HERE!


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