Our 2015-16 Season Sponsor is ……..

The Coeur d’Alene Community Theatre and Academy was founded in 1961 with the desire to both entertain and educate the good folks of North Idaho.  Over the years, we’ve changed names, venues and  faces but the mission is still the same.

In 1983 Bob and Joan Welch opened Interplayers Theatre to house their talented group of professional actors and crew and have a base in which they could provide high-quality theater to the Greater Spokane Area.

Again, time has changed some of the names and faces but the goal of The Modern Theater-Spokane and The Modern Theater-CDA hasn’t altered.  Only the scope.

Logo_4color purple 9inchOur 2015-16 Season will be our first with a sponsor that will oversee both regions.  We couldn’t think of a better group to partner with than STCU.

Started in 1934 by Lewis and Clark High School teacher Ernie McElvain, STCU is no stranger to Spokane history and the changes that have occurred in our region. Their history of positive community involvement is long and varied but they most recently partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in order to help raise funds and awareness for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. STCU supports CMNH because 100 percent of the dollars raised will go to help children in need of medical care.

We’ll be sharing more about our partnership as the new season approaches but we’re equally pleased to announce that Dr Jeffrey Larson and the good people at CDA Spine have chosen to renew their commitment to The Modern Theater and the Greater CDA Area and will be our 2015-16 CDA Regional Sponsor.

We are The Modern Theater and we look forward to challenges, changes and evolutions as we moved into the future.  With the support of our community and our partners, we shall continue our mission.




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