In the Gellhorn Gallery – Larry Ellingson

modern - spokane larry ellingson - danscape (10 of 33)Beginning this Friday, Mar 6, in conjunction with the opening of The Best Brothers, Larry Ellingson, local self-taught artist, will be showing selections of his work in our Gellhorn gallery. We’ll have selections from his mixed media wall-mounted sculptures and over 70 images from the ‘Walls on Walls’ collection of 12″ x 12″ hand-mounted photographs.
It’s fun to make stuff that’s interesting to look at. Finding new ways of seeing the commonplace seems like a good idea to me.


Many of us daydream and wander through our imaginations. I bring back souvenirs. The sculptures, boxes and lanterns are a kind of 3D doodling with things I find and collect: junk, texture, media, images, light, sounds and…stuff. A box or object sparks an idea. One idea begets another. A mistake suggests a solution.


A dead end is avoided by a search through my palette of junk. The pieces are full of mistakes, u-turns and happy accidents.
There’s an inner aesthetic that tells me when it’s right…or not. Surprising contrast of texture to object is a favorite, like a green-flocked lawn sprinkler or a gold-leafed walrus vertebrae. Glass lenses, LEDs and other light sources, dimensional fabric paint, indoor tile cement and translucent plastic are very cool. And I love rusted, worn, weathered, old, warped, “non-precious,“ interesting-looking, small, cheap junk.


Larry’s work will be with us through March.  For more information about Larry and to see more of his work visit

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