Dawn Taylor Reinhart, Director – Reasons to be Happy

Dawn Taylor Reinhart - Headshot

“Part of me wants to say, ‘It doesn’t really have a message,’ but it does,” Reinhardt said. “But it’s whatever that is for you. What this play had me think about more than anything was my personal journey to where I am today. …

Every age is going to react differently; every generation is going to react differently. The longer we’ve experienced life and tried to figure out what it is that makes us happy, you’re going to react differently.” Dawn, on Neil Labute, in The Spokesman Review preview article.

Dawn Taylor Reinhardt studied theater at the Northern College of Speech and Drama in Oldham, England. She has since traveled the globe working as a director, actor and production manager.  Most recently, she was seen in Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of Dr.Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Dawn is an award-winning director with the play That Almost Joy. Her last directorial work on this stage was this show’s precursor, Reasons to be Pretty.

Dawn is thrilled to be returning to direct Neil Labute’s Reasons to be Happy. For tickets or more information about Reasons, click HERE!

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