Matt Gerard as Charles Guiteau

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From Wikipedia

He’s no more insane than I am. There’s nothing of the mad about Guiteau: he’s a cool, calculating blackguard, a polished ruffian, who has gradually prepared himself to pose in this way before the world. He was a deadbeat, pure and simple. Finally, he got tired of the monotony of deadbeating. He wanted excitement of some other kind and notoriety, and he got it.

—George Corkhill – District attorney for District of Columbia
While being led to his execution, Guiteau was said to have continued to smile and wave at spectators and reporters, happy to be at the center of attention to the very end. He notoriously danced his way to the gallows and on the scaffold as a last request, he recited a poem he had written during his incarceration which he called I am Going to the Lordy. He had originally requested an orchestra to play as he sang his poem, but this request was denied.

After completing his poem, a black hood was placed over Guiteau’s head and moments later the gallows trapdoor was sprung, the rope breaking his neck instantly with the fall. Guiteau’s body was not returned to his family, their being unable to afford a private funeral, but was instead autopsied and buried in a corner of the jailyard.

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Matthew Gerard is ecstatic to be back on stage at The Modern-CDA. He has been away for the year at Western Washington University. While there, Matthew majored in theatre and minored in dance. This is his first performance since Lake City Playhouse turned into The Modern Theatre. He was last seen on this stage in Avenue Q as the newcomer and Nikki’s puppeteer. Some of his favorite roles include Enjolras in Les Miserables, Officer Lockstock in UrineTown, and Pinocchio in Shrek the Musical, all three at University High School in Spokane Valley. He would like to thank his family for dealing with his crazy schedule and for supporting his choice in career. And he would like to say “Enjoy the show!”

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