Jeremy Whittington as Samuel Byck

Jeremy Whittington as Sam Byck
Jeremy Whittington as Sam Byck

From Wikipedia

In early 1974, Byck made his decision to assassinate Nixon. He planned to do so by hijacking an airliner and crashing it into the White House on a day when Nixon would be there. It has been suggested that Byck was inspired by news reports of the buzzing of the White House by Army PFC Robert K. Preston in a stolen helicopter on February 17, 1974.

He lived for a few minutes after shooting himself, dying after saying “help me” to one of the police officers who entered the plane after he had been shot.  A briefcase containing the gasoline bomb was found under his body.  The plane never left the gate, and Nixon’s schedule was not affected by the assassination attempt.

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Jeremy Whittington is the Resident Design Technician for The Modern Theater and his artwork has been seen on sets for Boeing Boeing, Reasons to be Happy, and this production of Assassins. Past roles for The Modern have included Les Miserables, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, and Hair, In Concert.

He’s thrilled to be a part of this region’s thriving theater scene, and thanks The Great Artist above for continued blessings and opportunities. Thank YOU for supporting the arts!

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