Brendan Brady as Lee Harvey Oswald

LEE HARVEY OSWALD - Assassins - danscape
Brendan Brady as Lee Harvey Oswald


From Wikipedia:

In the days before Kennedy’s arrival, several newspapers described the route of the presidential motorcade as passing the Book Depository. On November 21 (a Thursday) Oswald asked Frazier (a friend ) for an unusual mid-week lift back to Irving, saying he had to pick up some curtain rods.

The next morning (Friday) he returned to Dallas with Frazier; he left behind $170 and his wedding ring, but took with him a paper bag. Frazier reported that Oswald told him the bag contained curtain rods, The evidence demonstrated that the package actually contained the rifle used by Oswald in the assassination.

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Brendan Brady (Balladeer,Lee Harvey Oswald) is stoked to be working on such an amazing show with such a stellar cast. Recent roles include Claude (Hair), Angel (RENT), and Enjolras (Les Miserables); his favorite roles include Hanschen (Spring Awakening), Jack (Into the Woods), and Sky Masterson (Guys and Dolls). He is so thankful for George Green and the Modern Theater for the opportunities and their constant support.

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