….. and then we’re having ANOTHER Wild Party

Join us on Nov 6th after the opening of Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party as we host ANOTHER wild party. Stay with us as we present our Founders’ awards to our dedicated volunteers, actors, staff and donors.

No non-profit organization could survive without community involvement and no theater could survive without the constant effort, dedication and talent of that community.  The Modern Theater, in all its incarnations, has been blessed with strong and supportive neighbors and friends.  Once again, we are honored to give them the attention and praise they deserve.


Get tickets for The Wild Party!

The Robert Morris Award: Artistic Impact and Inspiration – Dan “Doc” Heggem

The J. Ray Cox Award:  Contributions Through Music – David Kappus
The Ted Anderson Award: Devoted Volunteerism – Tyler Pursch
The Joseph Whitley Award: Exceptional Generosity – Jerry and Patty Dicker
The D.B. Downing Award: Outstanding Backstage/Technician – Teko Dumoulin
The Amelia Lewis de Gremli Award: Extended Commitment – Rustin and Lynda Hall
*NEW* The Bob and Joan Welch Award: Exceptional Performer – Daniel Bell


Get tickets for The Wild Party!

“Contains themes related to sex, drugs, and violence.  May not be suitable for all audience members“

Join us for beverages and free food after the show! We’ll just have finished all of our renovations so it will also be a chance for us to highlight the wonderful work done by the KXLY Extreme Team and to give mention to all the fine companies that donated their time and resources for this monumental task.


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