The Modern’s 2016-17 General Auditions

Earlier this year, The Modern Theater changed the way that auditions were conducted in the Spokane/CdA area.

The General Auditions and the casting that followed allowed The Modern’s directors to start working on character development much earlier than they had in the past.  The cast was able to acclimate to their roles much earlier and oftentimes showed up to the first rehearsal already being off-book.  Plus, the knowledge of what’s in one’s future schedule allowed all the talent involved to plan out their year and know way in advance which other shows for which they may audition at other theaters.

We’d love to see you at this year’s auditions.  We’d love to have you in the Modern family.

Wyeth Family - ODC


Click on the links to find out more information about Auditions and to claim your spot!

In SPOKANE (at The Modern-Spokane)

March 11th

 March 12th

March 13th


All roles available at this time.

  • On Jan 24th, this notice will be updated to include the productions for the 2016-17 season. At the audition, inform us of the shows in which you’re interested.
  • If there is content that you are not comfortable with, you must inform us at time of audition.
  • Please arrive with one copy of your resume and an 8×10 headshot.

For PLAYS only…

Prepare a …

One-Minute Contemporary Dramatic Monologue.

One-Minute Contemporary Comedic Monologue.


For MUSICALS (or for both plays and musicals)…

Prepare a …

One-Minute Contemporary Monologue of any genre

Two 1-Minute Contemporary Vocal Selections.

*Individuals auditioning for (To be Announced Jan 24) must demonstrate proficiency on guitar.*

** All actors will be compensated a modest stipend (negotiated at offer) and housing is provided for non-Inland Northwest residents.**

*** Most show rehearsals will be evenings; however, please inform us of your day availability.***

DANCE CALL IS 8PM ON MARCH 13th at The Modern Spokane.

2 thoughts on “The Modern’s 2016-17 General Auditions”

    1. Hello Clarice

      The best bet would be to email our Executive Artistic director, George Green at All of the slots filled up quickly and we added some more … then THEY got filled. There may be a few cancellations that have popped up and George holds the master calendar.

      Best of luck and welocome to Spokane!


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