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David Casteal and Bryan Harnetiaux

David Casteal as York
David Casteal as York

The Lewis and Clark Expedition told through the eyes of York, William Clark’s personal manservant and slave.

Tickets and showtimes available HERE!

Directed by Susan Hardie, York tells the story of William Clark’s manservant/slave, who was the only Black member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1803-06. The play features African drumming by the character. David Casteal, who has created the drum rhythms for this piece, will portray York.

Susan Hardi, Director
Susan Hardi, Director

The focus is ultimately on York’s spiritual journey as a slave, particularly in light of the freedom and celebrity he experienced as a result of his involvement in the Corps of Discovery expedition.

The portrayal of York is from age four until five years after the expedition, tracking his journey from ignorant and submissive slave to accomplished and outgoing frontiersman, to an archetypal Black American.

Tickets and showtimes available HERE!

Bryan Harnetiaux
Bryan Harnetiaux, Playwright

Additional performances of York will be held in the Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre at Spokane Civic Theatre on Feb 27 and 28.  Tickets and more information for those shows can be found HERE!

Extra Show Added!

You may also join us at The Bing Crosby Theater on Jan 30 at 7:30.  Tickets for that one-night viewing HERE!

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