Angela Pierson as Velma Kelly

“If life is a game, I’ll play it the best. Cause I won’t give in, and I’ll never bend, and I am my own best friend.” -Velma


Angela is nothing short of extraordinary, and her performance of Velma Kelly is no exception!

Angela-Pierson-1Angela Rose Pierson (Velma) is grateful to be performing and choreographing on the Modern stage once again. Last season, she choreographed The Wild Party and Rock of Ages, which she was also in. Most recently, she choreographed The Music Man for CDA Summer Theatre and played Arista in their production of The Little Mermaid. Angela was previously an instructor at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center in NYC and has choreographed all throughout California. Enjoy the show and all that jazz!

Directed by Abbey Crawford, Chicago opens September 23rd and runs through October 23rd. For tickets and more information, visit HERE!

To find out more about this stellar cast and crew, visit HERE!

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