The Sound of Music

Directed by Andy Renfrew, The Sound of Music was just as popular and successful as we had hoped. With the immense talent of our leads, the stunning cuteness of the von Trapp kids and the beautiful harmonies of the nuns of Nonnberg Abbey, we were very pleased and proud to share this classic with our friends and family.

Maria RainerEmily Cleveland
Captain Georg von TrappJ.R. Haynie
Max DetweillerDan Baumer
Baroness Elsa SchraderChelsea Haynie
Mother AbbessTeri Grubbs
Sister Margaretta – Suzie Ratelle
Sister Sophia – Caryssa Murphy
Rolf Gruber – Shawn Hunt
Liesl von Trapp – Riley Setian
Fredric von Trapp – Nick Griep
Louisa von TrappKatie Ann Schini
Kurt von Trapp – Gregory Schaefer
Brigitta von Trapp – Sophie Anderson
Marta von Trapp – Quincy McFaul
Gretl von TrappOlivia McNeice

Charisa Bareither
Charlotte Orrino
Gail Cory-Betz
Bill Betz
Christine Mullaly
Dave Rideout
Dylan Townsend
Easton Townsend
Karina Calderwood
Sydney Wallingford
Zach Johnson

The Sound of Music was brought you by its show sponsor, Lakeside Oral Surgery and our Season Sponsor, CDA Spine and Brain.

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